PÁR feat. Rap

PÁR feat. Rap

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On our eshop, you may now buy selected unisex pieces by the Czech lifestyle brand Rap. Match your favourite PÁR sneakers with a hoodie, crewneck or T-shirt with a clear statement. The similarity of the names of both brands is purely coincidental.

Rap is not only a musical genre, but also a Czech lifestyle brand. It wasn’t born from any business plan, but from pure love for the cause. From the needs of the people who make it, for the needs of the people who wear it. The roots of the Rap brand go back to 2015, when the album of the same name by the rap duo IF (Idea & Fatte) was released by Ty Nikdy label. Its straightforward merchandise collection became very popular not only with the rap audience. So its authors – Josef Změlík aka Idea, the head of Ty Nikdy, and his close friend Jan Kloss aka DJ Zerwox, graphic designer and co-founder of PÁR – decided to develop it further. A little in fun, as one of many their hobbies, and a little serious, as a promotion of the music genre in which they both grew up and still work.

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