PÁR Artist Edition

PÁR Artist Edition

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PÁR introduces a completely new product line called the Artist Edition. The collection of shoes, with artworks on their soles serving as metaphorical canvases, showcases the creations of contemporary Czech visual artists. The first two models, Lu and Tron, feature works by the popular abstract painter Lu Jindrák Skřivánková and multimedia artist Michal Škapa aka Tron, originating from the graffiti and street art scene.

Although the images are only placed on the soles, they inseparably contribute to the overall character of the shoes and become unexpectedly visible while walking. The textured split suede leather with longer hair refers to the tangibility of the depicted works, which are actually significantly structural. The significant dynamic silhouette of PÁR sneakers is intentionally reduced in this case to make the shoes appear more conforming at first glance, while the image on the sole surprises even more.

“The technology we developed specifically for this purpose together with our supplier in Portugal allows for flexible printing on the soles while maintaining their usual functional properties. Our own experiences in the field of graphics also contributed to the development and the entire idea,” describes the process the collection’s author and co-founder of PÁR, Jan Kloss, who is also a professional graphic designer.

The articles from the Artist Edition series, like all other PÁR sneakers, do not compromise between comfort and style. The materials and components are sourced from responsible manufacturers from the EU.

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