We are PÁR

PÁR sneakers & stuff balances between the city and nature, technology and tradition. It arose from the urge to create – not only products, but above all experiences. It connects everything what we like and what we are surrounded by. From music and art, through design, architecture, to trips overseas and outside Prague. PÁR is a responsible local brand that we ourselves would love to discover and follow, because one never knows what will come next.

PÁR (pair, couple, match or few in Czech) is based on connecting, friendly cooperation and sharing of know-how. We created PÁR sneakers together with the respected Czech shoe designer Eliška Horčíková (Cutulum). On the collection of accompanying products PÁR stuff we cooperate with various other Czech authors, brands and manufacturers (among others Jakub Pollág).


Two are greater than one

PÁR is created by the two of us, Jan Kloss and Darina Zavadilová. In the field of design and fashion, we have long been active in a number of activities, such as the creative group OKOLO, the streetwear brand Rap or the designSUPERMARKET festival. In addition, we have more than a decade of experience with the BOTAS 66 project. The lifestyle label based on the history of the traditional Czech footwear brand Botas we created as students (Jan Kloss together with Jakub Korouš) and we later distributed it all over the world through our own stores in the center of Prague.


  • True shoes

    The combination of a soft and flexible upper, which refers to the classic moccasin construction, with dynamically shaped sneakers outsole creates a visually unorthodox silhouette and unique character. All structural elements are intentionally revealed and help to shape the timeless functional aesthetics. There is nothing unnecessary on the shoes, no additional padding or stiffening. The minimalism, which is not just a matter of style, but of the whole concept and approach to production and consumption, resonates with the entire PÁR label.

  • Unlined

    PÁR sneakers are sewn without lining to enhance the natural features of the material. In the spirit of the zero-waste concept, the high-quality upper leather is used also for an insole and thus it surrounds the foot on all sides like a "leather sock". Thanks to this, the shoes gradually adapt to the shape of the foot and age to beauty when worn.

  • Natural ergonomic comfort

    The leather upper is embedded into the extra soft and light outsole made of microporous foam, which is slightly shaped from the top. Thus, despite the sharp silhouette and the apparent impression of robustness of the shoes, they are comfortable right from the day 1.

  • Soles with a story

    We are based in Prague, which we proudly inscribed on the PÁR sneakers soles: a functional, densely structured network of lines contrasts with the minimalist silhouette of the entire shoe and represents illustrations by Jan Kloss and Matěj Činčera. Dominants of the Prague and Czech landscape, not only natural, but also urban, not only real, but also unrealised can be seen there.

  • Unisex uniage unistyle

    PÁR sneakers don't make a difference. They are gender-neutral and are made in a complete European size range from 37 to 46. They are maximally timeless, avoiding trends and seasonal collections. No matter what age or opportunity it is, but how one feels and dares.

  • Quality and local production

    Carefully selected materials and components from European suppliers, as well as handmade production in Portugal, where PÁR sneakers draw primarily on the availability of the latest technologies and years of experience in footwear production, are a guarantee of a quality product.

  • PÁR and sustainability

    We simply make shoes and approach it as responsibly as possible. In everything we do, we work with the concept of minimalism, zero-waste, we try to simplify logistics as much as possible. All materials and components come from the EU and bear the most strict certificates of quality and methods of processing and production. Our main goal is to present to the customer a product that will last and he or she won't stop enjoying it.

Exchange of purchased products available till 15.1.2022