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For those who haven’t make it to this year’s Designblok we are coming with a photoreport of our LES IS MORE presentation at the Openstudio UPM.

PÁR represents sneakers where nothing is unnecessary: Premium materials, of which as little as possible is intentionally consumed, advanced technologies, minimum components. Yet they are exceptionally comfortable and have spirit.

We believe that smart design hand in hand with maximum production quality is the greatest guarantee of sustainability. Why? Because such shoes last a long time and will not stop entertaining us. They motivate us to take care of them properly and look good even with a patina.

We apply this logic when developing new products. We enjoy watching new trends and production procedures, experimenting. But rather than constant growth in width, diversity of approaches and a natural balance are important to us.

Our products are not seasonal. Therefore, at Designblok 2022, we were not presenting a new collection, but our way of thinking – new material options and the diverse properties they offer. And also some personal inspirations summarising our enduring values.

PÁR: Jan Kloss, Darina Zavadilová
Spolupráce (design): Eliška Horčíková
Cooperation (technologies, prototypes production): Michal Pavlas
Consultation: Balance is Motion – Eliška Knotková, Marie Nina Václavková

Concept: Jan Kloss, Darina Zavadilová
Architecture: Jan Kloss
Production and installation: Studio Činčera

Designblok 22
5.–9. 10. 2022
Openstudio UPM
Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
17. listopadu 2
Prague 1 – Old Town

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