Old-new store

Old-new store

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With the loosening of anti-pandemic measures, we finally opened our old-new PÁR store in Prague Old Town on Monday, May 10. Due to the saving of materials in the spirit of zero-waste (and, let’s face it, also for financial reasons in pandemic times) we decided to work with the original interior of our previous store BOTAS 66 at the same address. After all, why would we radically change it when it perfectly suites for a lifestyle monobrand store?

The original store concept in the design by deFORM studio combines the warehouse, sales and presentation function. It was adapted for the needs of PÁR by Jakub Pollág in collaboration with Jan Kloss, who is also the author of the PÁR visual style.

A new significant feature of the store, which disrupts the cool and technical character of the interior, is the crystal chandelier And why not! by the master of Czech glass art René Roubíček (1922–2018). Like a bolt from the blue, it floats above the counter and completes the overall atmosphere. And that’s important to us! We try to ensure that PÁR stores are not only a place to buy, but also that their positive experience will remain associated with the use of our products. We want to create spaces from which the customer can take something, and not only in the shopping bag. We try to approach each of our stores individually so that the resulting character is sufficiently distinctive, but at the same time clearly recognizable, and respects the values of the brand.

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