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Long Glass

Long Glass

35 EUR

Hand blown long drink glass. It will upgrade every drink to an experience and you know about it in your hand. With its strict shape, it responds to the cut details of the PÁR sneakers. Made in Kamenický Šenov in northern Bohemia, a region with a long tradition of glass industry.

– 300 ml
– hand blown in Kamenický Šenov, North Bohemia
– available in 3 colors
– engraved PÁR logo

Hand blown long and short drink glasses are the first products from the PÁR stuff collection we are developing in cooperation with Czech designers. Why glasses? We believe that surrounding ourselves at home with quality products that talk to us in everyday use is as important as wearing comfortable and distinctive shoes. There are many glasses one doesn't even notice holding them, because it is primarily about their content, about consumption. But it doesn't always have to be that way. A glass can elevate ordinary drinking to a festive experience. By its shape, by the way it fits in the hand, by its weight, which can be surprising, by its structure pointing to the beauty of the material, or perhaps by its color, which can give its content a new dimension. Being able to create festive moments and experiences at home is needed, especially nowadays.

  • Material: handblown glass
  • Volume: 300 ml
  • Height: 140 mm
  • Design: Jakub Pollág (