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Eau de PÁR No. 2 Kodama

Eau de PÁR No. 2 Kodama

2 200 CZK2 800 CZK

Niche unisex fragrance created with Scent Roche. The mysterious combination of musk, oud, citrus and salt refers to a fresh morning in an ancient forest in a remote island country. Made in Czech Republic.

eau de parfum

head – bergamot, salty lemon, bitter orange
heart – tonka bean
base – oud, musk, salt

The drops sparkle
in the moss embracing an ancient tree,
after the morning rain
that brings echoes of the whales' voices
from the sea.

  • Intended for: unisex
  • Concentration: eau de parfum
  • Perfumer: Kateřina Šantrochová (Scent Roche)