Shipping options
Return of goods
Claiming of goods
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Shipping options

We usually ship the goods within 1-2 working days from order placement. Delivery is then the responsibility of the carrier. Transport within the Czech Republic usually takes 1-2 working days, within the EU 2-4 working days and to other countries approximately 1 week.

Home delivery
The transport to any address is provided by Packeta HD and its contractual partners. As soon as the goods are sent from us, the carrier will send you an email with a link to track the shipment. The day, your goods are going to be delivered, you will receive a SMS with delivery time. Transport outside the Czech Republic is provided by local courier or postal carriers.

Czech Republic: 4€
EU countries: 10€
non-EU Europe: 20€
non-EU America, Asia: 40€
(prices include customs services)

Delivery to pickup point (Zásilkovna / Packeta)
Choose from thousands of pickup points in the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. As soon as the goods are dispatched from us, Packeta will send you an email with a link to track the shipment. It then informs you about delivery to the selected pickup point via SMS and email. You have 1 week to pick up.

Czech Republic: 3€
Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Romania: 4€
(service is not available in other countries)

Personal pickup in PÁR store
We will prepare the ordered goods for you in the PAIR store and notify you by email. It is usually within 1-2 working days (it takes longer if we need to transport the goods between warehouses). Then you have 1 week to pick up.

PÁR, Skořepka 4, Prague 1 – Old Town
(more about PÁR store)




Return of goods

Any goods purchased through the parprague.com can be returned within 14 days from the date of delivery. If you wish to return the goods, please proceed as follows:

1. Pack the goods in the original packaging.

2. Attach the completed form.

3. Deliver the goods to the address below to the Prague store, the options are as follows:

– Zásilkovna / Packeta (Czech Republic only): take the package to the nearest pickup point and report our identification number 96758489 to the staff. There is no need to print any labels, the service is free.
– by post or courier service
– personally in opening hours

4. Notify us about your return of goods via email on hello@parprague.com. To be able to improve our products, we will appreciate if you tell us your real reason for returning the goods.

5. We will refund you within 14 days after receiving the goods. We make payments only non-cash, we do not refund the cost of delivery of goods.

Address for return of goods
PÁR, Skořepka 4, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Only goods that can be considered as new can be exchanged or returned – i.e. not worn, damaged or otherwise worn down. In that case we have the right to refuse the goods. Thank you for your understanding.

Goods purchased in the store without a previous order at the eshop are not subject to the possibility of return, but can be exchanged for other goods or gift vouchers within 14 days.

Exchange form




Claiming of goods

The warranty period is set by law for 24 months and an invoice is provided as a warranty card for our goods. If you wish to claim the goods, please proceed as follows:

1. Pack the goods and attach the completed form along with a copy of the invoice.

2. In the case of footwear, please clean it thoroughly.

3. Send us the claimed goods to the address below and for sure keep the proof of shipment.

4. Notify us about your claiming of goods by sending an email to hello@parprague.com.

5. We will inform you about the complaint’s status by email. The maximum time limit for settling a claim is 30 days. Any refund is made only by cashless payment. We don’t refund shipping costs.

Shipping address
PÁR, Skořepka 4, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Complaints do not apply to defects caused by normal wear or misuse, therefore especially in case of footwear, we recommend that you read the enclosed care instructions. Please note that the claim can only be applied immediately after the defect has occurred.

Only goods that are properly cleaned and in a hygienic state can be claimed. Otherwise, we have the right to refuse the goods. Thank you for your understanding.

Faulty goods form




How to care for shoes

Care and cleaning
We recommend cleaning shoes and taking care of them regularly and sensitively rather than rarely and drastically. Regular cleaning and the use of suitable care products can increase overall durability of the shoes and thus their longevity.

In case of mild contamination, it is sufficient to brush the dry shoes with a soft rubber brush. For heavier contamination, use a suitable cleanser intended for hairy leather. Finally, apply a suitable care product. After drying, brush slightly again. Use suitable spray waterproofer to increase water repellency.

Recommendations for use
Make sure that the shoes are not laced up when putting them on and that you use a shoehorn. This will prevent deformation and damage to the shoe in the heel.

Protect shoes from soaking. Once soaked, dry the shoes at room temperature, or fill them with absorbent paper to keep them in shape. Do not expose the shoes to high temperatures (sun, radiator, hair dryer, etc.). Treat the dried shoes as soon as possible with a suitable care product so that the leather does not dry out or crack.

Although the used leather materials are specially treated and are designated for unlined footwear, in case of wetting, increased sweating of the feet or users with a specific pH of sweat, the color may leak. To prevent staining, we recommend wearing dark socks.

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