Small Steps: behind the scenes

Small Steps: behind the scenes

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Have you seen our video Small Steps Giant Experiences and are you curious about how it all came about? There was quite a bit of science behind it, a lot of detailed work and a lot of people. But it was fun!

Director: Luboš Rezler
DOP: Radim Střelka
VFX & CGI: Notreal
Production design: Tomáš Bukáček, Vojtěch Kálecký (Top Services)
Production manager: Janek Palovský & Adam Rygl
Sound design: Samuel Yurkovich
Colorist: Yerlan Tanayev
Editor: Luboš Rezler
Gaffer: Hexar Crew / Ondřej Suchánek
Camerabot operators: Blackbot Team
SFX: Karel Grygar
BTS: Filip Maryško
Graphic design: Jan Kloss
Special thanks to: Hexar studios, Blackbot, Stink films Prague, Zerwox & Dari, Vojtěch Nedvěd

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