Small Steps Giant Experiences

Small Steps Giant Experiences

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Could you imagine how it could feel to walk through various space-times, maybe in your wildest dreams? PÁR sneakers are ready to make you comfortable in any environment, on all paths, especially life paths. Sneakers for all your worlds, in the now and in the future.

The one-take ride video Small Steps Giant Experiences was done in a test lab with a little help of robotic limb and CGI. Thanks to all who cooperated.

Director: Luboš Rezler
DOP: Radim Střelka
VFX & CGI: Notreal
Production design: Tomáš Bukáček, Vojtěch Kálecký (Top Services)
Production manager: Janek Palovský & Adam Rygl
Sound design: Samuel Yurkovich
Colorist: Yerlan Tanayev
Editor: Luboš Rezler
Gaffer: Hexar Crew / Ondřej Suchánek
Camerabot operators: Blackbot Team
SFX: Karel Grygar
BTS: Filip Maryško
Graphic design: Jan Kloss
Special thanks to: Hexar studios, Blackbot, Stink films Prague, Zerwox & Dari, Vojtěch Nedvěd

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