First Drop Cocktail

First Drop Cocktail

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The alcoholic cocktail First Drop was created on the occasion of the launch of the first drop of PÁR products on the eshop We mixed it together with Prague bar Public Interest on the bittersweet base Campari and red vermouth to refer to our favourite cocktail Negroni. Homemade honey syrup and orange bitters give it a unique twist. It tastes best in pairs or any good company. Cheers!

We have associated Negroni, among other things, with our annual visit to the Milan Design Week (when the world was still normal). In the famous bar called Basso, Negroni literally flows in the current during that time. For the rest of the year, it’s a pretty quiet place in the wider center of the Italian metropolis, but in those few evenings it always becomes literally the center of the design world, a spontaneous street party where you can meet informally with the greatest personalities from all around the world.

We searched in history and together with Prague bar Public Interest we mixed a drink, which builds on the predecessor of the mentioned Negroni. The bit lighter Mi-To, or Milano-Torino (sometimes called Americano) combines two iconic Italian alcoholic beverages: Campari, a bitter liqueur from Milan, and red Vermouth, originally from Turin. In our version, the First Drop cocktail is softened with homemade honey syrup and fine-tuned with orange bitters.

We will add a can containing 2 drinks (250 ml) to the first orders picked up in person until stocks are exhausted.

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